A little bit about my professional career.

About Me

I am a down to earth technology geek with a passion for self improvement and continuous learning. I have enjoyed over 6 years of technical consulting for the U.S. Government and love to take and teach technology classes . I'm always learning all of the JavaScript things and stay up to date with visual design trends. Most people like hanging around and working with me because I am passionate about what I do. I love to talk about what's the next big thing in tech and am interested in working more with APIs, Design, and JavaScript. If you are looking for help with your business or personal project, I'd be happy to help! I look forward to hearing more about you and your project!

All The Things

What I'm currently working with... Lately I've been focusing on front end devevlopment and design. Mostly dabbling in backend tech when required. Need to learn more about all things devops. Working on my visual design skillz in attempt to build more beautiful things.

Front End

  • Angular
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap, Material, Etc.
  • jQuery

Back End

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Node.js
  • SQL/NoSQL Databases
  • Security

Dev Setup

  • Git
  • Atom
  • Github/Atlassian
  • Slack
  • Sketch


540 - Technology Consultant

January 2014 to Present

  • Lead Front End Developer Consultant for the DoD working on AngularJS apps, API design, data analysis, UI/UX (private)
  • Visual Designer for 540 in my sparetime. I work on marketing materials and internal design projects
  • Front End Dev for Air Hound, an open source Angular Material project for the EPA
  • Front End Dev for CLIN Wizard , a Contract Line Item open source Angular project for DPAP
  • Designer/Dev for 540's Company Website latest build. Currently working on the next version
  • Front End Dev for Drug Reactions Explained (DRE) an open source Angular app for translating FDA medical terms
  • Google Maps Dev for Operational Contracting Support Command Suite (OCS CS) a prototype map based search for personnel, supplies, and vendors (private)

George Washing University - Coding Bootcamp Teaching Assistant

January 2017 to Present

Supporting an intensive, 6 month coding bootcamp where I work with students in class and help teach HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, Node.js. Express.js, MySQL, and cloud application development.

For more information check out: GW Coding Bootcamp

Freelance - Web Developer

For Hire Anytime

CSC - Application Consultant

July 2012 to December 2014

  • Helped DHS with the E-Verify Identification Verification API developer experience
  • Implemented a custom SharePoint implementation for the DoD ALTESS data center
  • Assisted marketing CSC's mobility practice by creating videos for mobile applications
  • Worked with CIO/G-6 to author the "Army Internet Facing Application Migration Guidebook"
  • Mapped data between legacy employee management systems for the CSC Transformation team

CSC - Federal Consulting Practice Intern

July 2011 to January 2012

  • Built awesome powerpoint presentations so our sales team could always be closing
  • Created beautifuly designed financial graphs so our execs could better understand revenue
  • Wrote near genius excel spreadsheet formulas so HR could solve office problems
  • Organized an insane amount of file directories so the consultants could find their files

JMU - Physics, Statistics, and Engineering Teaching Assistant

January 2010 to December 2011

While at James Madison as a full time student I assisted professors as their Teaching Assistant. I was the TA for three different classes, multiple times across various semesters. I tutored students, scheduled time, graded homework, labs, and projects as well as resolved grade disputes, maintained grades, and developed grading rubrics.

JK Moving and Storage - Warehouse Facilitator

June 2010 to August 2011

I started off working good old physical labor. I quickly learned a life lesson of "brain over brawn". It was a great summer job between academic years and learned a lot about shipping logistics and workplace safety.


General Assembly, Visual Design

Washington, DC (2017)

Learned how to apply visual design principles when building digital products including the basics on photoshop, illustrator, and sketch. Covered design principles including ideation, contrast & similarity, gestalt, color theory, fonts & typefaces, composition with type, UX fundamentals, designing for interaction, responsive design, and iconography!

George Washington University, Computer Security and Information Assurance

NW Washington, DC (2015)

Casually take Graduate level computer science courses around security topics including offensive and defensive security and other cool things.

James Madison University, Integrated Science & Technology

Harrisonburg, VA (August 2008 – May 2012)

I studied the application of technology and science to problems of current societal importance. My classes were focused on real world scenarios where myself and my teams would use topics from Telecommunications and Information Knowledge Management cirriculums so solve relevant issues. I was given the opportunity to take part and lead many interesting projects dealing with Mobile, Security, Virtualization, and Data. Some of these include:

  • Light and Appliance Power Automation Cross Platform Mobile Application
  • Remote Thermostat Data Display Web / Android Application
  • Tech Industry Job Post Data Deduction for ISAT Curriculum Refinement
  • Hack, Monitor, and Secure Wireless and Bluetooth Networks
  • Researched and Implemented a Virtual Environment for the ISAT Telecom Lab


Security+, ITIL v3 Foundation, Certified Awesome

Professional Interests

Prototyping, JavaScript, Visual Design, API's, Coffee, Innovative Technologies, Start-ups, Agile Development